Taking Action & Direction

Welcome to my Website.  I am an experienced theatrical and commercially trained actor, and a comedy improv performance artist with well over 100 live performances to my credit.  I studied at South Coast Repertorty and have performed on stage, in theater, as a background artist, in commercials, and featured roles in independent films and television.  I have been selected for various roles alongside actors Ed O'Neill, Melissa McCarthy, Michael McDonald.   I am also an experienced Stand In, including appearing for actor Rob Reiner on several occasions for television.  I am also a professional musician with guitar skills accumulated over 45 years performing in various bands playing Rock, Blues and Country music.  

UPDATE:  Check out my appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden playing "Adam or Scott?", a few commercial clips, my musician/guitar skill clips and more on my video Reels page or click HERE!


Scott J. Miller

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